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The Body Restoration Cookbook

My wife, Cynthia, owned and operated a vegetarian restaurant in the '70's. She loves trying new products and working with special diets. After helping many of my patients with their dietary needs she has put together a CD-ROM cookbook called The Body Restoration Cookbook which takes into account the below diets. There are 95 recipes (not all fit into every category but many do) along with a great intro and sections on: Anti Fungal - Sugar and Yeast Free, Corn-Zein Free, Egg-Albumin Free, Dairy Free,Gluten Free, Methylxanthine Free, and Solanine-Nightshade Free. Included are Dr. Lebowitz's papers on Methylxanthine Toxicity and Solanine Toxicity. This is a great product for your patients so they can learn healthy cooking in line with their specific dietary restrictions.

The Body Restoration Cookbook is now available for free online and as a download! Donations are appreciated.

NOTE: After downloading, be sure to unzip or extract the file before use (in Windows, right click on the downloaded file and choose "Extract All."

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