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Dr. Michael Lebowitz is gifted with knowledge and discernment that enable him to successfully resolve many of the lingering and difficult health problems from which numerous people suffer on a daily basis. In this updated version of his previous book, Dr. Lebowitz shares information with the rest of us from his years of study, research testing, and seeking answers for his own symptoms. Specific details are presented on each system in the body—how it works, what makes it malfunction, and how to correct the problems that commonly occur. Included in this new version are also explanations of other overarching issues—such as underlying infections, allergies, and food toxins—that can affect many organ systems simultaneously.

Written for both the layperson and the doctor, this reference will enable the reader to understand how to correct many of the unknown but potentially harmful lifestyle habits we encounter in daily living. This book will guide the reader through helpful clues in alleviating such common symptoms as daily headaches, asthma, eczema, allergies to foods or environmental factors, digestives issues, and many others. The information presented here makes it possible for patients at home to support the care received from their doctor, and will help doctors to better understand and precisely test for various problems that might otherwise be overlooked. Body Restoration will be a well-used reference for the caregiver and the one receiving care.

Dr Natalie Phelps
Grand Junction, CO


Dr. Lebowitz has helped me help a ton of people. By using his protocols and products, I find that most patients with pain and many other types of problems recover quickly. When they do need chiropractic care, the adjustments and muscle therapy seems to "stick" and conditions stay fixed. The underlying causes are addressed and muscular and skeletal problems resolve very quickly. To make it even better, my office has become a haven for people who are more sick than injured, people who want an alternative to going to the hospital and getting a bunch of prescription drugs. Through Dr. Lebowitz's protocols, I can help people with complicated conditions who often bring in a laundry list of complaints ranging from fatigue, to fibromyalgia, to depression, to panic attacks, to hormone imbalances, to digestive issues. The list goes on and on. This has helped me grow my office and help a broader range of patients than those purely seeking chiropractic care. They come in to get healthy and stop being sick. I have become known as the doctor to go to when you have complicated problems that other doctors couldn't figure out. And I owe all this to Dr. Lebowitz. I am looking forward to his book, Body Restoration, to help educate my patients even further. Thank you, Michael! I am glad I was introduced to you years ago and had the intelligence to sign up for a class from you. It has changed my practice and influenced many, many patients for the better. Thank you, thank you! Sincerely,

Lewis Cone, DC
Dallas TX


I have been playing baseball professionally since 2004. Baseball has a long season, and the daily grind can really take a toll on your body. I met Dr Michael Lebowitz in 2008, and I have been working with him ever since. I never realized how important nutrition is not only to my overall health, but also how my body feels and performs on the field. I am completely convinced that my body is running more efficiently than ever, as I have noticed several health benefits from following Dr. Lebowitz’s nutritional guidance. My immune system is stronger, I have more energy, my body stays healthy during the season, I am sharper mentally, and I recover more quickly from physical activity. Dr. Lebowitz's approach to health and nutrition is not only genius, but his advice and recommendations are easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. As an athlete, I have come to believe that the engine is only as good as the fuel you put into it, and Dr. Lebowitz will help you use premium. I look forward to learning from his new book, Body Restoration, even more tools I can incorporate into the life of myself and my family to be and stay healthy.

Danny Putnam
2004 First Round Draft Pick by the Oakland A’s
2007 Made Major League Debut


Dr. Lebowitz's work is so very important for today's world. Chronic health problems are one of the biggest challenges in health care because they are difficult for doctors to treat and frustrating for the patients living with them. Dr. Lebowitz has made treating these complex problems fairly simple. His work accomplishes this by addressing underlying issues in a very specific and thoughtful way. He has vast knowledge of the human body and how internal and the external factors affect it. His innovative tests and treatments provide patients with answers to the most important questions of what is wrong and what can be done about it. Dr. Lebowitz's protocol helps a wide variety of conditions because it addresses the issues that are fundamental to human health. I have used his protocol with my patients and have had excellent results helping them overcome problems associated with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, acid reflux, irritable bowel, chronic migraine headaches, allergies, chemical sensitivities, and more. Dr. Lebowitz's work is invaluable for anyone interested in finding the root causes of chronic health problems. Sharing his book, Body Restoration, will help my patients learn more about how the body works and how to keep it in optimum health.

Dr Brett Morgan
Charleston WV


Ten years ago, I found a manual for treating chronic disease in Germany when visiting a doctor on my quest for knowledge in the field of applied kinesiology. It was so interesting that I contacted the author, Dr. Michael Lebowitz, in Colorado, USA, to ask for more information. He sent me a video from one of his teachings and from this I started to learn the method step by step.

The work of Dr. Lebowitz is truly amazing. Using the protocol has let me help people recover from various illnesses at amazing speed just by finding the right natural remedies and pure nutrition for each and every person. The efficiency of the protocol is marvellous and clients are thrilled by the opportunities they receive by regaining health and vitality, even from very severe conditions. We also applaud the range of Supreme Nutrition Products developed by Dr. Lebowitz in order to get clients well and keep them (and ourselves) well and vivid. I am very happy to be able to spread Dr. Lebowitz's work in Scandinavia and look forward to translating his new book into Swedish.

Stefan Frank, Dr of AK



As you know, I am VERY grateful for all of your research and efforts in improving your protocol. Not only have I seen so many positive changes in ALL of my patients, but, personally, I have seen a remarkable difference since last March when you last tested me. You might recall that you found that I was sensitive to gluten/gliadin as well as the paraxanthines in addition to finding fungus and a few “minor foods”. From March through July, I was VERY strict about not consuming anything with gluten or any of the stimulants. My entire state of being both mentally and physically changed. Not only was my digestive system functioning the best that it had ever been, but a number of other remarkable changes occurred. First of all, I was dealing with a knee issue that I contributed to what one of my professors in Chiropractic College referred to as, “limited matter”. I was in a head-on collision in 1987 that resulted in a multipartite, compound patellar fracture. A couple of surgeries later left me with a pretty well-functioning partial patella with no hardware (I was very sure I did not want any metals in me if I could avoid it). A couple of years ago I noticed that the knee would swell quite often and it was getting worse as time passed. By the end of a work-day I was limping and it felt like I had a balloon inside of my knee. In addition, I was also experiencing what I thought was totally unrelated, horrible neck, upper trapezius, scapular and referred arm pain. This would happen quite often and, as with the knee, it would be worse after a long day of work. I would always, since my teenage years, have bouts of lower back pain and SI joint pain and ribs would “go out” easily. Between the end of last March and July ALL of that was gone. I mean GONE! In addition, I noticed that the skin tags on my torso also disappeared. I have since “experimented” with binges of gluten and small amounts of gluten and, after consumption of large amounts, I can feel the pain in my shoulder girdle, neck, back and knee along with swelling. Thank you! My Italian-American background craves certain gluten-containing foods but I now know my limitations.

I have seen physical changes like those with so many of my patients. I have seen full-torso fungal rashes that had been treated for months by medical intervention finally go away after a two to three week regimen. I have seen bouts of vertigo, dizziness and syncope in a patient whose insurance company dished out over ten thousand dollars at a neurological institute with no results, a year later experience no more symptoms after two weeks of your protocol. I have been told by parents who have children with attention deficit disorder and behavioral issues, that they received letters from educators saying that the children have had a total turn-around in their schoolwork as well as social skills. I have had a number of patients with digestive issues and numerous other symptoms of discomfort come into my office desperately awaiting a positive change after months, possibly years, of allopathic treatment with no positive results call me while following your protocol to tell me that they are defecating “worms” now and they feel better.

I haven’t got the time to enumerate all of the incredible experiences I have had while practicing your protocol but I can say that it has made immense changes in the lives of many, including myself, and it has made my practice much more “fun” and rewarding. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart and, I am sure, from all whose lives were touched by you through your incredible work and research.

Dr. Richard J. Spina


Everyone should own this book! Each small chapter contains an in-depth explanation of how all the major organs and glands of the body work. The information is clear enough for patients to understand, while at the same time provides new treatment ideas and clues that even a career long health-professional can put to use. As a holistic Chiropractor and student of Dr. Lebowitz's, this book is helping me to educate patients (and myself) on the complicating factors of organ dysfunction, and lists multiple nutritional supplements to consider. Patients who pick up a copy are understanding more about ulcers, hypo-thyroidism, hormonal imbalances, etc. than ever before, and are eager to try the suggestions in the book. Patients who have all this information in one place are more likely to follow the simple dietary and lifestyle do's and dont's for each condition listed. (Yesterday a patient of mine was reading the book and turned and told her husband: "See, I told you all that coffee you drink is making your stomach worse.") I agree that this book is "An Owners Manual" for the human body.

Dr. Jeff McCloskey

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