Egg - Albumin Free

Eggs bind foods together, supply protein, fat, & nutrients, can lighten & color baked goods and give food a nice taste. They can carry bacteria such as helicobacter pylori and some cannot tolerate them in their digestive tract.

From the book Body Restoration by Drs Lebowitz and Kapadia: Ovalbumin is the major protein in egg. In sensitive people, ovalbumin can cause villous atrophy, depletion of mucosal oligosaccharidases, impaired absorption of xylose and depressed serum complement levels. Asthma, as well as most other common symptoms of food intolerance, has been linked to ovalbumin sensitivity.

Most of our recipes are egg/albumin free.

If we need a binding agent we often use 2 ½ T ground flax seed with 3 T water soaked till gelled then blended with liquid ingredients.

An egg white replacement is 1 T agar powder mixed with 1-2 T water, allowed to chill then whipped.  

If we want volume we use baking soda and lemon juice added just before baking.

To bind something like meatloaf try adding ground oats, flour or other thickeners such as arrowroot. 

For added protein use various protein powders, ground nuts, and/or beans.

There are also various ‘egg replacements’ on the market that consist mainly of starches.

Two tablespoons of baking powder and one tablespoon of oil makes a good egg substitute as does soft tofu — as long as you don’t have a soy allergy.

Most recipes do not contain eggs.