Gluten Free

Just because something is wheat free does not mean it is gluten free. Grains such as barley, spelt and rye also contain gluten. Oats may be OK on a gluten free diet but make sure they say ‘gluten free’ as some are processed in a plant that also mills grains with gluten and so there can be issues with cross-contamination.

There are several flours made from gluten-free grains that can be substituted in muffins such as: sorghum, chestnut, corn and rice. There are also gluten-free seeds which can be made into flour are quinoa, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, and teff.  Problem is that without gluten, batters and dough will not stretch and hold together.

There are many gluten free mixes but I am more inclined to a whole product rather than the gums and refined starches in most of them. Also, many mixes have potato starch so read labels if you need to stay off methylxanthines. One that we have used with great success is PAMELAS Gluten-Free Bread mix and Flour Blend. FYI, this does contain a small amount of evaporated cane sugar.

For bread substitutions my first recommendation would be to find a good gluten-free/yeast free bread in your natural food store. Otherwise try the waffle recipes for a bread alternative or one of the new gluten-free tortillas to make a wrap.

There is a large variety of wheat free and gluten-free pastas and crackers that make great substitutes. Bean thread noodles made from mung bean starch make a quick replacement  as do some now made from sweet potato starch found in many oriental stores..

Remember that corn, taro and sweet  potato chips can help when out on the road as do the many varieties of rice cakes. Brown Rice Tortillas: Food for Life or Trader Joes (any that don’t have yeast or sugar) --- can be used instead of bread. Can try with peanut butter and sliced banana.

Most recipes are gluten-free and if you can go back on gluten try the recipe with wheat or barley flour.

Mochiko is brand name of sweet rice flour that someone recommended for great pancakes.

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