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This is a quick, gluten free, nutritious dish. Chopped almonds are a great addition. Serve with a nice green salad.
Bring to a simmer:
2 1/2 c water or broth
2 t poultry seasoning
  1/2 t sage
  1/4 t cumin
  1/2 t thyme
  1/4 t garlic
  1/4 t basil
1/3 c fresh celery leaves, optional
1/3 c fresh chopped or 1 T dried parsley
1/2 t onion powder
2/2 t salt
In pan sauté:
1 small onion, chopped
1 lg stalk celery, chopped
2 T oil
1 c raw buckwheat groats (if toasted do not saute)
Optional: toasted walmuts
Add the above to the liquid, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

Many of you have tasted the hearty buckwheat pancakes but don’t limit yourself there. There are a variety of forms and recipes that his ‘grain’ lends itself to.

A bit of history tells us that buckwheat has its roots in many eastern European countries and technically is a ‘fruit’ and not a grain. NY state is now growing buckwheat and is one of the largest processors and packers in the world.

Nutritionally speaking, buckwheat is recognized as having one of the highest biological sources of protein in the plant kingdom, twice the amount of B vitamins as wheat. It is also rich in vitamins K and P and rutin. It is composed of 75% carbohydrates and contains all 8 essential amino acids. As a plant food it has no cholesterol and is nearly fat free.

Two popular forms are flour and kasha which are the roasted buckwheat kernels. Kasha comes whole, coarse, medium or fine. The roasting gives it a distinct nutty flavor but for a milder flavor try the unroasted (raw).