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Submitted by Dr. Ami Kapada
DON"T WORRY if you don't follow anything exactly, this is not an exact recipe, it will come out fine as long as submerged in brine and not left out too much longer than 5-14 hours described above:) If not submerged in brine, gets moldy.

Adjust recipe to taste, can also use daikon with or without cabbage, can add carrots, can add pickling cucumber or just do pickling cucumber on its own, can do any kind of radish on its own. And, if the above recipe is too "stinky", can experiment with recipe, can just do brining part (with salt and vegetable) and then instead of adding garlic/ginger, onions, etc. can experiment and add whatever spices you want like dill, or black pepper, etc. We have done pickling cucumber with just salt and came out good.

Head of nappa cabbage---cut in 1 inch strips perpendicular to core
Sea salt
Green Onion
Red chili pepper flakes
Put all of cabbage in colander and rinse out
Then put cabbage in large bowl (we have used stainless steel, crock pot would be fine, just don't use glass/clear container because of sunlight issue described later)
Mix brine solution separately---1 tbsp salt per 1 cup of water
Pour brine solution over cabbage such that there is enough water to submerge the cabbage under the water when you pack cabbage down a bit
Take a plate and place on top of cabbage, inside bowl, to hold cabbage beneath water level. Put a weight on top of plate (like a small bowl filled with water) to put a little pressure to ensure cabbage stays under water
Put in shaded corner (as long as not in direct sunlight should be ok), and leave it for:
-5 hours if hot summer day
-overnight (maybe like 14 hours) if winter day
(don't leave out TOO long, or it will rot)
When ready to finish it, you will need the following ingredients:
3 pieces of ginger, each about the size of your thumb. cut fresh ginger into thick slices/big pieces (not too thin, don't shred/grate, fine to leave skin on, idea is just for ginger to sit in mixture for flavor)
5 cloves of fresh garlic, finely chopped.
2 bunches of green onions chopped
Go to Asian store and ask for chili flakes for kimchi (special kind of red pepper) and while at asian store, look at color of kimchi there to get idea of amount of red chili pepper flakes to add.
To Finish:
Drain water out of cabbage bowl (KEEP This water)
Add garlic, ginger, green onion to cabbage, then add red chili flakes until the right color (about 1/2 color, but can do to taste, so its not too spicy!)--mix all thoroughly with hand. Can add a little of the brine in here (maybe about 1/4 cup) to make it easier to mix.
Take glass jars: stuff mixture into jars (push hard to stuff into jars, shove as much as possible into jar----will bring some of brine to top of jar). Can add some of brine to each jar to make sure everything is submerged.
Close lids of all jars, and put jars on a plate, leave overnight in dark corner out of direct sunlight
Put all in fridge, but keep on plate to catch anything if spills a little (can leak a little because of fermentation)
Can eat immediately, but tastes best after 2-3 weeks